Kay Hadashi Novels

You’ll enjoy exciting heroes and thrilling adventures in Kay Hadashi’s books! She is the author of more than twenty adventure, suspense, and mystery novels, often ranking high in genre best selling lists at Amazon. Many of the adventures in her books take place in real settings on various Hawaiian Islands, where she was born and raised.

Her original character, June Kato, quickly became a hit with readers, her life spanning three series of books. Her latest endeavor is an exciting adventure series, featuring Melanie Kato, the daughter of a retired neurosurgeon and ex-President of the United States.

With her team of co-writers, proofreaders, and cover artists, Kay deeply enjoys creating suspenseful and adventurous stories. From murder mystery to romance, coming of age to military fiction, there is something for everyone in Kay Hadashi’s novels!

Kay now has a new and improved Facebook page! You can see the latest news about her books and become friends with her, simply by using her name KAY HADASHI at Facebook.