“Orchids and Ice” Thriller Novel

–Orchids and Ice–

Convinced by her family and friends she needs some time away, prominent LA neurosurgeon June Kato goes on vacation to Hawaii. After a red-eye flight to paradise, she has a week for meditation, long runs, and to catch up on sleep in a secluded inn deep in mountainous rain forests. A maitai or just a simple glass of wine would complete the deal.
But it isn’t to be.
Trouble starts when she witnesses a brutal murder and goes to the police to give a witness statement. In a snap, she finds herself caught in a thick soup of automatic weapons, corruption, drugs, and conflicting tales. Trapped on the island, her vacation unravels and an adventure begins when she is forced to look for the murderer of a meth drug lord she almost spent the night with. Running from one explosive scene to the next, June endures her biggest fight yet to get home again.


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Author: Melanie Kato Adventure Novels

Born and raised in Honolulu, Kay Hadashi has had a long career in health care and writing suspense novels. After searching for the right combination of strong-willed characters, one-of-a-kind scenes, and unpredictable events, she has crafted an exciting catalog of books. The popular June Kato Suspense Series, followed by the Island Breeze Series are engaging and fun to read, perfect for trips to the beach or long flights to vacations. While friends and family come and go in these exciting stories, June Kato is square in the middle of each plot, taking on every challenge life throws at her. One of her biggest tests of will is raising her daughter, in the newest Island Breeze Series book, "Away". If you like international intrigue set in the tropical locations of Hawaii, the Honolulu Thriller Series is the series for you!

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