June Kato Suspense

Los Angeles native Doctor June Kato is one of the most prominent neurosurgeons in America. She gained her fame through the development of a new technique to reach deep within the brain, something few other surgeons have been willing to go. Because of that, the most difficult cases are sent to her, bringing her long days in the operating room and stress without limit.

KIMONO SUICIDE   Seeing the puddle of blood under the stranger in a kimono, Dr. June Kato knew nothing could be done for the mysterious young woman. Gutted like a hunted animal, a dagger was still deep in the woman’s belly, an obvious act of ritual suicide.
June shooed flies off the woman’s face and felt for a pulse anyway. With nothing else to do, she dialed those three little numbers nobody ever wants to call: the police. Even though she firmly believed the woman committed suicide, the police had other ideas, that a brutal murder had been committed in her garden. Little did she know that would become the beginning of a nightmare that would leave her comfortable life in broken pieces.

STALKING SILK  Over-worked surgeon June Kato is at the limit of her patience, even on the best of days. When odd text messages turn into phone calls, which eventually become anonymous gifts, she has an idea of who they might be from. Talking to an old police friend brings no comfort, and even a private investigator isn’t much help. Taking matters in her own hands, she goes on the defensive when the serial stalker follows her every move, at home, at work, everywhere. With no help from the authorities, she does her best to learn the stalker’s identity, making one wrong guess after another. By the time she uncovers the true identity of her stalker, she is tied to a chair in the dark of night, waiting for the inevitable.
Can she outwit him and get free? Or will guts and brawn rule the day?

YAKUZA LOVER  Young women are being hauled to Los Angeles and forced into sex trade. When they start dying, not one by one but in groups, local police departments set up a task force to put an end to it. The sting operation needs one person who can fit the bill, someone beautiful enough to pull off the image of being a high class call girl, and clever enough to out-wit organized crime gangsters.
Against her better judgment and with justice on her mind, June Kato enters the dark world of the yakuza, Japanese organized crime. Masquerading as a high class call girl, she only wants to bring an end to LA’s newest human trafficking crime ring. She gets in too deep, and when the police abandon her, she needs to climb, crawl, and fight her way back to reality before time runs out.
But can she survive the tatters of her life when the explosive conclusion finally comes?

DEADLY CONTACT  A greedy administrator. Post-operative brain infections. A hospital in trouble.
Neurosurgeon June Kato is asked to trace the source of deadly brain infections at a busy urban hospital. What she finds is more than just a spike in surgical infections, but an elaborate medical conspiracy to bring the hospital to its knees. The deeper she digs, the more she doesn’t like what she finds. June brings old police friends in to help find the vengeful culprit responsible for the infections, while facing an old nemesis and tabloid news coverage. To get to the root of the growing epidemic, June must sweep aside all distractions and wrestle with people who could break her career in pieces.
But will she even have a life to live once she faces the person responsible for all the trouble?

ORCHIDS AND ICE  Convinced by her family and friends she needs some time away, prominent LA neurosurgeon June Kato goes on vacation to Hawaii. After a red-eye flight to paradise, she has a week for meditation, long runs, and to catch up on sleep in a secluded inn deep in mountainous rain forests. A maitai or just a simple glass of wine would complete the deal.
But it isn’t to be.
Trouble starts when she witnesses a brutal murder and goes to the police to give a witness statement. In a snap, she finds herself caught in a thick soup of automatic weapons, corruption, drugs, and conflicting tales. Trapped on the island, her vacation unravels and an adventure begins when she is forced to look for the murderer of a meth drug lord she almost spent the night with. Running from one explosive scene to the next, June endures her biggest fight yet to get home again.

BROKEN PROTOCOL  When a political crisis looms across America during a presidential election, the military and the Secret Service have no one else to turn to except neurosurgeon June Kato. She has devised a surgical technique to reach deep within the brain, gaining her international accolade. At a low point in her own life, June succumbs to Presidential pressure to perform the most important surgery of her career. It isn’t until the last minute that she discovers how much faith she really must have in her skill as a doctor, while hiding from assassins’ bullets and bombs. Will impossible circumstances dictate the future of the nation, or can wits and nerves of steel win the day?

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