Kay Hadashi Novels


You’ll enjoy exciting heroes and thrilling adventures in Kay Hadashi’s books! She is the author of more than twenty adventure, suspense, and mystery novels, often ranking high in genre best selling lists at Amazon. Many of the adventures in her books take place in real settings on various Hawaiian Islands, where she was born and raised.

Her original character, June Kato, quickly became a hit with readers, her life spanning three series of books. Her latest endeavor is an exciting adventure series, featuring Melanie Kato, the daughter of a retired neurosurgeon and ex-President of the United States.

With her team of co-writers, proofreaders, and cover artists, Kay deeply enjoys creating suspenseful and adventurous stories. From murder mystery to romance, coming of age to military fiction, there is something for everyone in Kay Hadashi’s novels! If you ever have ideas for new book plots, or just want to give comments on our books, contact us here.

Kay now has a new and improved Facebook page! You can see the latest news about her books and become friends with her, simply by using her name KAY HADASHI at Facebook.


The original series of June Kato’s life in Los Angeles:

Kimono Suicide: Death and Fashion in a Japanese Garden
Stalking Silk: Secret Admirer of Serial Killer?
Yakuza Lover: Organized Crime Turns Lethal
Deadly Contact: Corruption and Conspiracy Plague a Hospital
Orchids and Ice: Hawaiian Paradise has a Deadly Secret!
Broken Protocol: White House Mischief!
Ratio: A Private Investigator Novel

The next chapter in June Kato’s life in Hawaii:

Chasing Tradewinds: Moving to Maui has never been so much fun!
Island Spirit: The spirit of aloha
Honolulu Hostage: Late night surgical suspense
Maui Time: An adventure in childbirth
Big Island Business: Lava and mayhem get a little too close for comfort
Adrift: A most unusual yachting trip
Molokai Madness: A hunt for ghosts on a quiet tropical island
Ghost of a Chance: Surviving cancer takes a village–and a family

I’m very excited to bring this new series to my loyal readers! As they know, Melanie is the daughter of June Kato, the main character in fifteen of my books. In “Away”, Melanie is an eager teenager, ready to move on to her next phase in life. The path I’ve set before her won’t be an easy one, though!

If you are a long-time reader of my stories, or if this is the first time you’ve met my characters, you’ll be able to jump right into their lives with this book.
The series in order–
Away: A Young Adult Adventure
Faith: A Military Adventure
Risk: A Travel Adventure
Rescue: A Skiing Adventure
Search: A Scuba Adventure
Quest: An Olympic Sports Adventure
Mission: A Cultural Safari
Secrets: A Romance Adventure
Future: A Honeymoon Adventure