“Yakuza Lover” Thriller Novel

This crime ring won’t fit on one finger!

–Yakuza Lover–

Young women are being hauled to Los Angeles and forced into sex trade. When they start dying, not one by one but in groups, local police departments set up a task force to put an end to it. The sting operation needs one person who can fit the bill, someone beautiful enough to pull off the image of being a high class call girl, and clever enough to out-wit organized crime gangsters.
Against her better judgment and with justice on her mind, June Kato enters the dark world of the yakuza, Japanese organized crime. Masquerading as a high class call girl, she only wants to bring an end to LA’s newest human trafficking crime ring. She gets in too deep, and when the police abandon her, she needs to climb, crawl, and fight her way back to reality before time runs out.
But can she survive the tatters of her life when the explosive conclusion finally comes?


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