“Orchids and Ice” Thriller Novel

–Orchids and Ice–

Convinced by her family and friends she needs some time away, prominent LA neurosurgeon June Kato goes on vacation to Hawaii. After a red-eye flight to paradise, she has a week for meditation, long runs, and to catch up on sleep in a secluded inn deep in mountainous rain forests. A maitai or just a simple glass of wine would complete the deal.
But it isn’t to be.
Trouble starts when she witnesses a brutal murder and goes to the police to give a witness statement. In a snap, she finds herself caught in a thick soup of automatic weapons, corruption, drugs, and conflicting tales. Trapped on the island, her vacation unravels and an adventure begins when she is forced to look for the murderer of a meth drug lord she almost spent the night with. Running from one explosive scene to the next, June endures her biggest fight yet to get home again.


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“Deadly Contact” Suspense Novel

A greedy administrator.
Post-operative brain infections.
A hospital in trouble.

–Deadly Contact–

Neurosurgeon June Kato is asked to trace the source of deadly brain infections at a busy urban hospital. What she finds is more than just a spike in surgical infections, but an elaborate medical conspiracy to bring the hospital to its knees. The deeper she digs, the more she doesn’t like what she finds. June brings old police friends in to help find the vengeful culprit responsible for the infections, while facing an old nemesis and tabloid news coverage. To get to the root of the growing epidemic, June must sweep aside all distractions and wrestle with people who could break her career in pieces.
But will she even have a life to live once she faces the person responsible for all the trouble?


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“Kimono Suicide” Mystery Novel

Was it murder or suicide?

Finding the dead stranger in her traditional Japanese garden, Dr. June Kato knows nothing can be done to save her. Clad in a traditional kimono, a dagger hanging from the young woman’s belly, there has been an obvious act of ritual seppuku.
June shoos flies off the woman’s face and feels for a pulse anyway. With nothing else to do, she dials those three little numbers nobody ever wants to call: the LA Police Department. Even though she firmly believes the woman committed suicide, the police have other ideas, that a brutal murder has been committed in June’s garden. When the prominent neurosurgeon becomes the lead suspect, it would be the beginning of a nightmare that would leave her comfortable life in broken pieces.