The Island Breeze Series

June Kato decides to make major changes in her life and it starts with giving back her engagement ring! As soon as that chore is done, she hops on board a jetliner for Maui for a long overdue vacation. It isn’t long before she meets local island denizens, some much more friendly than others! Will a surf lesson turn into romance for the heart broken June? Find out in this exciting series of island color, stories, and folklore–and maybe even a ghost or two!

CHASING TRADEWINDS  Neurosurgeon June Kato has had enough trouble in her life, and enough of her home town of Los Angeles. It is time for a change, and that means moving to Maui. But the road there isn’t so smooth, or easy. To make that move, she needs to give up the Kato family home, and the beloved history that it holds. Is the promise of a new life and love worth the heartbreak of leaving behind everything she’s ever known in her life? One thing she knows is that it will be filled with romance!

ISLAND SPIRIT   Leaving behind her career in LA to live on Maui with her new husband, Dr. June Kato discovers starting over again won’t be easy. A new hospital and colleagues await, along with an old house that needs more than just a feminine touch to make it livable. Plus, her first week at work brings far more surprises than what she ever could have anticipated.
Attempted murder is never pretty, but on the island of Maui, it hits especially hard. Her first day on the job and June is called in to assist in emergency surgery on one of Maui’s most beloved residents. Her first case in the operating room, and June is already stepping on toes. The trouble doesn’t stop there, but seems to follow her everywhere she goes.
As a newcomer to island life and ways, she doesn’t realize there is more to Maui than meets the eye. A new way of healing needs to be found, and June has to set aside many of her own beliefs and adopt new ones if she is going to be successful in her new home. Even though trouble has seeped into the cracks in her life, she quickly discovers the spirit of the island is alive and well, and far stronger than any one man or woman could ever be.

HONOLULU HOSTAGE  Pregnant neurosurgeon June Kato visits Honolulu to take a break from her day-to-day grind on Maui. She only wants to visit a few friends, do some sightseeing, and catch up on sleep in an air-conditioned bed and breakfast. It isn’t long before she is talked into doing a long and difficult surgery, and from the moment scalpel touches skin, there is trouble. With only her wits to rely on, and her newly found mother’s instinct, can she escape her latest headache?

MAUI TIME  On the tropical valley isle of Maui, everything is done at the speed of “Maui Time”–when someone gets to it. For Dr. June Kato, it means her baby will be born when it is good and ready to finally join the family. And it might not be at the most convenient time!
Only days before her due date, pregnant June Kato is at the end of her wits when her home is invaded by poisonous creatures. Ordinarily tougher than nails, June’s real concern is about her baby only days away from being born. Concerned pregnant women all over Maui have been dying from scorpion stings, June steps in to find out this little piece of paradise is under attack. Can she find out what–or who–is responsible for the untimely deaths before her own baby comes? And what will she risk to bring it to an end?

BIG ISLAND BUSINESS  Neurosurgeon June Kato goes to the Big Island of Hawaii as part of an expert team to perform delicate surgery on one of the island community’s most prominent citizens. Defying both nature and the supernatural, and armed with little more than a scalpel and patience, she gets help from other-worldly sources as Kilauea begins to overflow with Madame Pele’s anger. Then her husband shows up with their young daughter, putting the entire family in harm’s way. But when molten lava streams toward the hospital threatening to turn it into a steaming basin of volcanic fire, the heat gets turned up to blast furnace levels in this daring adventure!

ADRIFT  A Hawaiian Sea Adventure!
A group of friends learn the hard way that a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands on a luxury yacht is not always a trip through paradise. As soon as they are out to sea, trouble starts, and for June Kato and her husband Henry, it will take more than a marriage counselor to save them. The lives of everyone on the boat are on the line in this exciting travel adventure.
Rough weather unexpectedly tumbles in, and it brings a host of scofflaws, protesters, and anarchists looking for trouble. When guns come out, the party is over. Relying on MacGyver tricks and tests of strength, and a life raft made from flotsam, the group of friends finally band together to form a survival plan.
But not everyone on this cruise on the Pacific Ocean will live to see the sunrise.

MOLOKAI MADNESS  When June Kato and her young daughter Melanie go on a long weekend trip to Molokai, their plan is to attend a wedding and do some sightseeing. After checking into a bed and breakfast with more historical charm than luxury, they get a few hints on the best beaches to visit on the island. While catching a few rays and playing in the water, they meet an old man who digs into the history of Hawaii. It turns out he is something of an expert on spirits of past Hawaiian royalty, and their final resting places. Before they know it, the places the mother and daughter team explore are revealing ghosts everywhere they go!

GHOST OF A CHANCE  One woman’s dedication to hard work and perfection in her career took her to the top. Now that Dr. June Kato has a young daughter Melanie, she puts just as much pressure on herself to be the perfect mother. Taking up running for stress relief, that too becomes a quest for reaching beyond her grasp.
Her bubble finally bursts when she finds a lump in her breast. Trading the paradise of life on Maui, she begins treatment for cancer. Quickly she learns that beating cancer will be the biggest challenge of her life.
June assembles the best team she can around her, doctors and therapists, her family and friends, even her therapy cat, pitching in every way they can to share her burden. Along the way, she gets help from some powerful but unseen forces, but in the end, it’s her battle to fight.